Aaron Cousins      

Cidermaker, Founder



Aaron has built his life around premium cider and winemaking. After studying winemaking and biochemistry in college, Aaron spent over a decade deep in the trenches of the Oregon wine industry, leaving with an unsurpassed expertise in fermentation arts & sciences.


Seeking creative frontiers, Aaron evolved his discipline to the pioneering movement of the Northwest cider revolution. Nearly twenty years later, the cycle continues as he is forvever perfecting his passions for all things craft.

As a team, we have done more than go through the motions. We’ve helped to establish the motions. Our deep understanding and extensive expertise in the cider industry is helping to launch a boom in the cider market all throughout the Northwest – and it all started right here.

While we take pride in the ciders that we craft, we take more pride in the time spent learning, understanding, blending, and innovating.


Our team has spent decades practicing the intensive processes of the art. We didn’t get here overnight! 


We’re innovators, creators, and ultimately, cidermakers. Our dedication speaks for itself, but try our ciders – let that really prove it to you.

Our mission is simple. We want to change the way that cider is crafted, produced and interpreted. Our ultimate goal as cidermakers is to continuously create and innovate new ciders.


We like to envision ourselves as more than just cidermakers. While we do specialize in crafting premium ciders, we’re more interested in the potential that our craft can do for the community.


If we can bring people together with our ciders, then we can see that our vision is achieved. 

Trust and transparency is always of the utmost importance to every member of the team. When it comes to our fruit, our ingredients, where we source them, or how we produce our ciders, consider us an open book. There’s no need for us to hide anything because we have full confidence in all of our methods.